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Calendar: Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Classes
Title: Tai Chi Lifestyle
When: Mon Jul 14 9 am - 10 am
Description: If you are interested in health, fitness, stress reduction and longevity, join the new Tai Chi Lifestyle program at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. It's easy, fun and effective and ideal for people who have not exercised recently or are recovering from an illness or injury. Best of all, classes are held in the Garden, so you know you'll love it!

Remember how good you felt after your last visit to the Garden? Big open sky, Earth blanketed by bark and brush instead of parking pavement. The breeze, the birds - it feels good just remembering!

It feels good because when you left the Garden you went back into the stress. How can you take the peace and poise of the Garden with you? Join us and let me show you how.

By the way, how are the New Year's Resolutions about health working out? I guess that makes you normal; but if normal is not good enough, consider this: a garden is never finished. A garden is all about renewal. Let the past go and renew your desire for better health now. You can do it. This class is easy and fun; and it works.

You will learn simple, powerful practices you can use today and forever to improve your health, prevent illness and injury, perfect your balance and reduce stress. Every system of your body, from knees to nerves; breathing, blood pressure and balance will benefit from these practices.

Each class will be a light and energizing walk around the lower 40 acres at the Garden. Along the way we will pause a half-dozen times to do an easy fitness, health and wellness practice and learn how to use it to give us that "just home from the Garden feeling" every day. The pauses and the content will change with the Seasons so you won't get bored with your exercise and you will be able to review your learning.

It's a bit like gardening. You can't simply stick a plant in the ground and get good results. You must look at the big picture: plant selection, soil prep, feeding, pruning, etc. Creating and improving health is exactly the same.

Join Tai Chi Lifestyle at the Garden and learn the 6 Simple Daily Practices that can instantly improve your health and wellness forever.

Tai Chi Lifestyle is every Monday morning at 9 a.m. Beginners are always welcome. Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes.

For specific questions about the program contact Joe Bojanek at 626-484-9500 or email:

Register online at or in person at the Admissions Kiosk.

Members: $15 per session (and bring a guest for free!)
Public: $20 per session (and bring a guest for free!)
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