Grove of Thorns

RSABG Game of Thorns


Game of Thorns: Grove of Thorns

Now through August 2018

Discover the weaponry of California native plants on massive scales in the Grove of Thorns! Part of the Game of Thorns exhibition, these giant crystalline thorns reveal the anatomy and eerie beauty of thorns, spines and prickles from battle-ready plants. Visit this surreal grove, free with general admission, now through August 2018. We thank our sponsors and community of Kickstarter backers that made this epic exhibition possible.

Game of Thorns, an outdoor exhibition at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, focuses on the art and armaments of botanical warfare. Over millions of years, endless duels between California native plants and their predators have given rise to the incredible thorns we see today. The exhibition features these living fortresses and showcases their weaponry through large-scale macro and microscope photography, gigantic sculptures, immersive exhibits and more. 


Exhibition Sponsors: 

Linda and Paul Des Marais

Braeger Construction Inc.

Gagnier Margossian LLP

Historic Inns of Twentynine Palms: 29 Palms Inn | Campbell House

Randall and Janell Lewis at Casa Rosa

Northern Trust

Yvonne Wilson