Spiked Fridays in the Grove of Thorns


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Friday Nights in March, 5:30 pm - 8 pm in the Grove of Thorns 

Spiked plants make fabulous spiked drinks - get even with the plants that cause you pain and enjoy wicked cocktails made with spiny botanicals. Sip away in the Grove of Thorns, an installation of gigantic spines, prickles and thorns - brilliantly lit on these magical evenings. The menu will include four dangerously delicious cocktails - representing the four epic houses of the Game of Thorns: Rosa, Agave, Cactaceae and Legume. Live music, unbeatable ambiance and spiked drinks will make these Friday nights too good to miss. 

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$15 per person (includes 1 cocktail or beverage). Must be 21+ to attend.

Additional cocktails are $8 each. Beer and wine are $4 per glass.