New articles by Professor Prince

Professor Linda Prince’s research examines two very different groups of flowering plants—members of the dicot tea family (Theaceae), and two families of the monocot ginger order: the prayer plant family (Marantaceae), and canna lilies (Cannaceae)—to further understand phylogenetic framework, to clarify evolutionary relationships among plant groups.

W. John Kress, John D. Mood, Mamiyil Sabu, Linda M. Prince, Santanu Dey, E. Sanoj.  Larsenianthus, a new Asian genus of Gingers (Zingiberaceae) with four species. PhytoKeys 1: 15–32 (2010) New online journal. First issue out Nov. 1, 2010. Read on Phytokeys

Phylogenetic Relationships and Species Delimitation in Canna (Cannaceae). Linda M. Prince. published in Diversity, Phylogeny, and Evolution in the Monocotyledons. Edited by Seberg, Petersen, Barfod & Davis.  Aarhus University Press, Denmark, 2010. pdfpdf

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