Botany Students Earn Grants

Diana Jolles, doctoral candidate in botany at RSABG, is a recipient of an award from the Northern California Botanists’ 2011–12 Botany Research Scholarship Program. The $1,000 grant will help to support Jolles’ research on the Pyrola picta species complex (Ericaceae), which is well known in Northern California (among other places that it occurs). To learn more about Northern California Botanists and their support of student research, please see the Northern California Botanists website.

Jinyan Guo, a doctoral candidate in the botany program at RSABG, has been selected to receive The Fletcher Jones Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship for the 2011–12 academic year. Funded by The Fletcher Jones Foundation, the grant is awarded each year to one of the students at RSABG who are in their last year of the doctoral degree program and whose research is exemplary in systematic and evolutionary botany. Guo is studying the diversity and evolution of sepal crests on plants in the Iris genus (Iridaceae). These crests are 3D structures that stick up off of the flat surface of the sepals and likely have a role in pollination biology.