The Mediterranean City Conference 2012

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden is proud to be a 2012 endorsing organization for The Mediterranean City conference, to be held in Los Angeles June 25 through 27.

The Mediterranean City: A Conference on Climate Change Adaptation will initiate an ongoing collaboration of cities working together to share ideas, needs and strategies to realistically adapt to the current and future impacts of climate change as they similarly affect the five Mediterranean-climate regions of the world. The conference will bring together an international network of experts from the academic, policy, business, public health and government worlds, and will stand as an example for how cities can work together across regional and national boundaries to bring more resources and knowledge to building solutions.

Conference topics

Water: The United Nations has identified issues related to water as a critical area in which climate change adaptation may occur. The conference will reach across regions to find common solutions to this issue.

Energy: With a natural supply of abundant solar energy and the potential for tidal and off-shore wind power, the Mediterranean climate zones have great potential to harness existing local renewable energy supplies.

Biodiversity and Open Space: Mediterranean ecosystems are nutrient-poor, seasonally-stressed, yet species-rich ecosystems that provide unique services to urban centers while mitigating both drought and floods, cleaning polluted urban runoff and proving open space.

The Built Environment: In the face of rapid development and population growth, redefining the built environment to include parkland and open space promotes the preservation of regionally-unique habitat while also ensuring across opportunities to individuals of all income levels.

Public Health: Dependent on clean air and water, natural geophysical processes and biological diversity—a healthy human population must respect and tend natural resources.

Governance: Cities now have the opportunities to work as a network across national boundaries to bring more resources and knowledge to building solutions.

Conference structure

June 25 and 25 will bring together small working groups of invited scientists, planners, engineers, resource managers and policy makers in a consortium to discuss the challenges of climate change and share solutions and brainstorm collaborative steps forward.

June 27 is the public day of the conference, in which the working groups will present their shared findings with attendees.

To register and read more visit The Mediterranean City website.