Research Facilities

RSABG has excellent facilities for research and education in systematic and evolutionary botany.


The integrated herbaria of RSABG and Pomona College contain approximately 1.1 million specimens and are available for research and education. Faculty, staff and students are frequently engaged in the collection of specimens for the herbarium. An extensive collection of wood and pollen microscope slides and DNA is also maintained.


Two laboratories (The Laboratory of Plant Anatomy and Morphology and the Laboratory of Molecular Systematics and Evolution) are available for use by resident scientists (students, post doctoral fellows, faculty and research associates) and visiting scientists. The molecular lab is well equipped for diverse molecular approaches, including DNA fingerprinting and sequencing, and serves as the DNA sequencing facility for The Claremont Colleges. These laboratories also serve as the Core Genetics Facility for The Claremont Colleges. The Anatomy Lab is likewise well equipped, including equipment for producing permanent microscope slides, and various microscopes, notably a scanning electron microscope [SEM]. The Garden also has a series of Apple- and Windows-compatible microcomputers, laser, color and slide printers, digital cameras and slide and flatbed scanners.


An excellent botanical library is housed at the Garden. The libraries of The Claremont Colleges greatly enhance the information resources available to students.

Plant Growth Facilities

Students and researchers also have access to excellent facilities for growing research plants including greenhouses, growth chambers, shade houses and experimental plots.